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the art of working in occupied spaces
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The Art of Working in an Occupied Spaces

Occupied Spaces and High-Risk Environments Office refurbishments are on the rise, with rent and rates increasing and limited space available working in occupied spaces is

close the loop
Industry News

The “Close the Loop” Initiative

Close the Loop by Recycling building materials for a better future Traditionally an office fit-out to refresh a tired workspace, or transform an empty shell

the rise of activity-based working - navarre london
Industry News

The Rise of Activity-Based Working

Activity-Based Working Activity-based working is on the rise, with offices investing in flexible working solutions that provide employees with the right kind of space to

making light work
Industry News

Making Light Work

Improve employee performance with natural light In today’s fast-paced, high-performance society employee productivity and making light work is crucial to a business’ success. As an

office fit-out london
Industry News

Designing Your Office Fit-Out

Creating a Work Environment that Works for You The time has come for an office fit-out, the hard work and dedication has paid off. The

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