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Dedicated to providing a fully managed service to our clients.

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SUPPORT that lasts

A Higher Standard of Maintenance

Keep your business running smoothly with Navarre Support Services, our specialist Small Works division.

With experts in-house and trained to the highest standard, we deliver bespoke maintenance solutions that our clients trust.

Solutions include:

  • Fabric repairs
  • Small works
  • Moves and changes
  • Overall maintenance management

About Navarre Support Services

Navarre is a name synonymous with excellence and our small works division is no different. With a long history in maintenance and extensive fit-outs, our team go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality service with the least associated risk.

Having worked for large blue-chip companies in central London and maintaining high-risk environments in the banking sector we are well versed in risk management.

Mitigating Risk

Working in high-risk, occupied spaces is one of Navarre’s core skills and an area we take seriously. We understand the cost, even 10 minutes of downtime, can impact the bottom line. Our experienced staff are familiar with managing every aspect of maintenance to ensure that there is no interruption to service and no downtime. If it’s planned maintenance or emergency repairs our team are on hand for out of hours support, including conducting essential and planned work on the weekend.

Features that matter

Our multi-disciplined team are trained to deal with many different scenarios

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is an obsession for our team. From meticulous planning to the perfect clean up, there are absolutely no cutting corners.

Reduced Outsourcing

Unlike other support services, the majority of the required expertise can be found within our team which means outsourcing is kept to an absolute minimum.


Many years combined experience across the Navarre Team, along with being trained to the highest Navarre Standard.

Maintenance Packages

Every business has different needs and requirements, our bespoke maintenance packages are designed with your objectives in mind.

Quick Response Times

As part of our maintenance packages we commit to fast response times, especially in the case of an emergency that could potentially impact your business.

Transparent Costing

From a comprehensive brief to a full summary of work carried out we have a completely open-book approach to costing. Any time/cost efficiencies are always passed back to the client.


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It is no secret that Navarre has been a major power over the years in providing this style of service and now we have a dedicated division to focus this support and ensure our clients ongoing needs are fulfilled to the highest of standards.

  • specialists in occupied spaces
  • out of hours working
  • managing multiple tasks and small works concurently

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