Designing Your Office Fit-Out

Creating a Work Environment that Works for You

The time has come for an office fit-out, the hard work and dedication has paid off. The business is growing and you’re planning on moving to a new premise to accommodate your ever-expanding business.

The question is, what do you look for?

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The first step is where should your office be based? Close to staff, easily accessible to clients. You need a location that ticks all of these boxes before finding the perfect space.

The Perfect Space

The perfect space starts by determining what your work environment needs to achieve. What you look for in an office space is dependent on your business requirements. How many desks do you need? This might not be the number of staff, but rather how many desks will you need at any one time? This could save on valuable floor space. Next is how much time is spent in meetings? Do the rooms need to be private or is there a need for larger collaboration rooms? Open plan or not? What about the lighting?

Although open plan is not suitable for everyone, but it isn’t a secret that an open plan office feeds more creativity as employees interact with each other. However, having a quiet room for private conversations is also important. When looking for a space, these elements will determine the size of what you will need and the overall flow of the office.

Create the culture

We take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Consider that we spend the most amount of time at work, your office design should influence and inspire your biggest assets- your team and your clients. A happy employee is a productive one. The key is creating a space that motivates and drives people, it’s much more than a brightly coloured wall. Creating an office space that promotes flexibility and autonomy can radically change the output of your employees. What your staff enjoy can be incorporated into the space, maybe it’s games or artisanal coffee. Whatever it is, find a way to implement it as part of your culture to provide added value to your staff. If you can provide an office with the stimuli they need through the day, it can positively impact their mental health and overall productivity. 

The design of your office should be reflective of your brand, trends come and go but your business is here to stay. With so many different styles to choose from its important to choose a style that will stand the test of time but not compromise functionality. People aren’t going to want to walk down 2 flights of stairs to use the toilets.

Plan for Growth

Rather than just settling for a space that ‘works’ this is an investment in your business future. Creating an environment that can stimulate and accommodate growth. Avoid too many permanent fixtures and restricted areas, perhaps creating a mobile and multiple-use workspace. This could be a client area, breakout area or reception.

Office Fit-out Budgets and Timescales

Budgets are important in every fit-out, but this is also an investment and one you probably won’t need to consider again for 5 years or so. Avoid gimmicky expensive solutions and think about multi-purpose solutions and go for something that will stand the test of time. Timescales are hugely important and we understand the impact that even 10 minutes of downtime can have on a business. At Navarre, 95% of our work is carried out in live office environments. We will work with you from concept to completion to get the absolute most from your office fit-out against the agreed budget and deadlines.

 If you’re considering an office fit-out, get in touch with one of our office fit-out experts who can guide you through the complete process.

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