The Rise of Activity-Based Working

Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working is on the rise, with offices investing in flexible working solutions that provide employees with the right kind of space to suit their daily activities. The benefits of Activity-Based Working are becoming more apparent in London and other major cities, making the best use of the available space. With the average cost of a desk per person between £12,000 and £14,000 per year, this flexible model of working is replacing the traditional 1 desk per employee and reducing a company’s overheads.

What is Activity-Based Working?

So, what is Activity-Based Working? The concept came about to improve office space efficiency, but it is not to be confused with hot-desking. Instead, it’s seen as a more transformational business approach. Activity-Based Working provides spaces suitable for the task at hand. Essentially, it gives staff the opportunity to choose when and where they work in the office. Each area has a different work setting for different tasks, collaboration, learning, concentration and workstations to name a few. It’s all dependent on the companies and employees’ overall needs being met in one space.

The Benefits of Activity-Based Working

Attract Top-Talent and Retain Staff

How we work and what employees expect is ever-evolving with more emphasis being put on flexible working. Employee retention and attracting top talent is a key driver for any organisation. However, in order to improve retention, there are many factors to take into consideration. Company culture and flexibility are frequently one of the top influencers for attracting top talent and retaining employees.  So, a forward-thinking employer with an office to suit each of the multiple tasks required in a role is certainly going to distinguish themselves.

Empower Employees

The single desk, where one person sits for all of their working day is quickly becoming an outdated concept, especially with the younger generation of employees. It’s amazing what space can do to improve communication across an organisation, empowering employees from work and social perspective.

Boost Productivity

Workplaces are a hub of activity and the need for collaboration and concentration are constant throughout the day. Imagine a place to go to sit quietly with minimal disturbance and open space for creative thinking and collaboration. When used effectively, employees who use the multiple spaces available to them, have reported an increase in their own personal productivity.

How to Implement an Activity-Based Working Environment Flexibility through Furniture!

Multi-functional spaces are excellent, especially in offices with limited space available. Thankfully the furniture industry has got the memo about adaptable working environments and portable, easy to assemble furniture is easy to get hold of. Retractable walks, re-configuration of furniture or a staff area that performs as many different things.

However, this type of office may not suit everyone. If you’re considering an Activity-Based Working environment, the best thing to do it speak to the professionals! At Navarre London, we take our clients’ needs seriously and will work to understand your business requirements, staff preferences and the journey of the business in the coming years. An Office Fit Out is an investment, you need to make sure that you are getting the right one. Get in touch with us to find out more:

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